Hey there,
I'm ElitoGame

a web and game dev
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Hey there, Elias aka ElitoGame (Elito) here! I'm a 21 year old game & web developer living in Austria. I am currently a student, focused on games, web, UI and more. I enjoy creating responsive and reusable products and love consuming fantasy or sci-fi content in the form of books, games, movies or tv shows!

My Skills


While I prefer frontend, I’ve experience with BaaS’s like Firebase and CMS’s like Wordpress. My favourite frontend framework is SolidJS, but I also tried React, Vue and Svelte.

Game Dev

I’ve worked with 2D and 3D games, participated in 3 Game Jams and have experience in game engines like Unity, UE4/5 and Godot.


I have worked on mobile & desktop apps, though most of them have been web based through frameworks like Electron, Tauri or via PWAs.