Data & Dragons

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Data and Dragons is a DND website, I made for a me and a few of my friends. Once signed in, the DM (Dungeon Master) can create a new game and send out the URL to the party members. Once they have an account and added their names, the DM has to accept their join requests. The party members can then setup their character sheets, with data like their inventory, stats, profile picture, class, health, armor class, etc. The DM can set up multiple maps, create creatures and other objects. These things are all hidden by default and the DM has control over what is visible to whom at all times to create a cool session for all party members! Once in a session, the DM, will unlock a map, where the players can drag & drop their character around. The DM can move any player, as well as place creatures and objects.



A friend of mine - our usual DM - and I were talking about starting a new campaign. However, he told me that he didn’t like most online DnD websites, cause they were limited or had paywalls. So I thought I’d change that. I set myself the goal to create a DnD website in a week. To achieve that, I used SolidJS (my favourite JS framework), firebase (a BaaS, that I had used once before, but it is free and easy to use), and with the UI library HopeUI (that I tried for the first time, but it sped up the development time a lot) and TailwindCSS. I kind of succeeded, but it took another week to flesh it out and since then I’ve added to and improved the site a couple of times since then. However, I am planning a redesign. As the default UI styles of HopeUI, while they helped speed up the development, just don’t really fit a DnD website.