EzChestShop is a Minecraft plugin that allows players to create shops, selling items for virtual currencies or experience points. The plugin works on various minecraft server softwares, like spigot, bukkit or paper and aims to be a easy way for players to interact with the server economy.

The plugin is running on 600+ servers, with at least 1000 users daily (for current stats, see bstats).


  • Shops can be created, edited and deleted via chat commands

  • Fully localized, even with custom languages!

  • Very customizable - holograms, commands, permissions, database, shop GUIs, etc.

  • Player customization - hologram position, prices, shop admins and custom slogans

  • Profit reports from shops, since last login!

Team Members

  • ItzAmirreza

  • ElitoGame


In July 2021, I was looking for a shop plugin for the Minecraft server After some searching, I stumbled across EzChestShop, a plugin that was relatively new and had a good basis of what I needed, but was missing a couple of features, I absolutely wanted, like command tab completion. So I started contributing and helped expand the plugin since then, as well as keeping it updated. Since I joined, I helped grow the plugin from a configuration size of 13 lines to today’s 239 (see GitHub, for the current progress :D). Apart from the development, I’ve also created our documentation and provide the majority of our customer support, with over 100 support requests so far.