In late 2017, I joined the minecraft server After a few months, I was invited to join the moderation team, where I helped out with organizing events, monitoring chat and helping players. In early 2019, we decided to reset the server, which meant, new content and our custom plugin would need to be updated to fit the latest minecraft version 1.13. However, the problem was that all our developers had left. Since noone else wanted to learn coding, I stepped up, having hardly any experience at all, but with a interest and a passion for the project.

It took a while to get into Java coding, especially, since I was working on a existing project, made by multiple experienced developers, using fancy mechanics like the stream API and complex OOP patterns. As a complete newbie, I knew I couldn’t get the old project to work any time soon, so I decided to start again from scratch, picking out pieces from the old plugin and building my own new version.

the project grew, and every so often, new content is being added, bugs were fixed and problems related to the newest minecraft version were resolved. Starting in 2021, I was no longer alone in coding and in 2023, we’re at 4 devs again, excited to expand the plugin even more!


The KC plugin provides a variety of features for players and staff moderation: NPCs, Entity Transportation, chat & ingame customization, farm limiters to prevent economy inflations and much more. Many of these features are written in a reusable and configurable way, to speed up development times and reuse code from previous features or events. One example, would be the NPC/GUI system, which provides a full NPC and GUI ingame editor, allowing staff to create NPCs for Quests, decoration or with the help of GUIs, shops too.

Custom NPC & particle command, that would spawn particles above the palyers head